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Contact previous and potential customers with guestList

CCL have created guestList – a customer relationship database that can store all your guests’ details, past and present, and enable you to contact them at the click of a button.

We understand that hotels can – and do – thrive on returning guests, especially in today’s competitive market. As the economy slows, it is critical to ensure repeat guests, and with the installation of the guestList hotel database system, we can massively aid you in ensuring guest retention, and doing so quickly and easily.


How guestList will assist your hotel

We specialise in working with small and medium sized businesses and have over 15 years experience of working with companies like yours. We ensure you that our databases are built to suit the way you work – not built so that you have to change the way you work to suit our database.

guestList is a hotel database system which will allow you to contact or ‘mailshot’ previous guests with up-coming promotional offers, local events and other marketing material through a communication channel of your choice. This is possible through the use of a CCL database that is designed to store guest details such as name, address, email address and phone number(s).


What guestList can do for you:

  • Store all customer data including, accommodation type, length of stay/ previous stays, reason for stay, time of booking and any other information you wish to store.
  • Effective marketing communications, through a more personal approach and the development of new and improved products or services.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Allow you to segment your customers – i.e. Business, singles, age 55-65, postcode etc.
  • This can allow you to target past customers with future promotions, up-coming local events that may interest your customers and various special offers you are running.
  • We can also create a reservations system for you making the process of booking rooms a quick and easy process.


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