Template Databases.


CCL offer a selection of database templates which we have developed to be easily usable and installed straight into your organisation with ease. These template databases include: customer, client and company databases; membership database software; and software developed to store client data such as email and address databases.

Although all of our template databases are ready to install within your business right away, we offer an option to tailor the templates to suit your every business need. We understand that databases should be built to adapt to the way you work and not the other way round. Therefore, our database templates are designed in such a way that we can ensure we can suit the software to you, ensuring your business experiences the full benefit of a CCL solution.

We continuously create and update our offerings, ensuring the benefit which you reap from these solutions is never-ending. We currently have three template databases ready to be installed within your business:


CRM Software

Our CRM software provides a way to identify, acquire, and retain customers. By providing the means to manage and coordinate customer interactions, it can help companies maximize the value of every customer interaction and in turn drive improved corporate performance.


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Membership Database Software

Our membership database software is an extensive system that keeps a record of membership of a club. It is used to track payments, communicate with members, maintain membership and send renewals and reminders. It can be used effectively for clubs with different sections and membership rates, such as juniors, singles and family membership.


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Hotelier Database

Used to communicate with past or prospective guests of a hotel, it enables you to send letters or emails to guests based on certain criteria such as dog owners, prospective guests who have requested brochures, age range, etc.


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