Databases for Small Businesses.


We have spent the past 20 years designing and developing small business database solutions and pride ourselves on the quality of software we have provided. We take real enjoyment out of working with small businesses and developing software that really can make a big difference to an organisation.

We understand the importance of a small businesses database that can help save time and money, and appreciate that effective data storage can give you a competitive edge. That’s why a small business database from CCL is designed to be effective and efficient, and is tailored to your business needs.

As well as specialising in database development for small businesses, we also offer fantastic solutions to clubs and societies as well as charities.


What can CCL do for your business?

We work with a wide variety of small businesses, supplying small businesses databases throughout the UK that are tailored to your organisation, ensuring that they help your business perform more effectively and efficiently. With our Listen – Create – Perfect – Deliver – Support & Assistance approach to designing and developing databases, we get a real understanding of what you wish to achieve from implementing a database into your business. We ensure that we develop the database to best suit your needs, and make certain that the software is easy to use and makes a genuine difference. Our databases are designed from scratch, solely with you in mind, are developed in a way so that they can be adapted, updated and have additions made, allowing our software to grow with you.


Benefits and Overview of a CCL database

  • Time and money saving
  • Improve efficiency
  • We work with you to understand what you require from a database
  • Easy to use software
  • Designed to grow and developed with you and your changing needs
  • Friendly and professional care and advise
  • After sale support and assistance


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