• Asplins
  • Borough Green Sandpits
  • British Gas
  • Ford
  • Ford Finance
  • Education Direct
  • Hartley Country Club
  • Hartley Parish Council
  • Lime Logistics
  • Mockbeggar Farm
  • Record Box
  • Sunwood Travel
  • Thermal Tech Solutions
  • The Post Office



Over the past 20 years, CCL have been involved in a huge variety of projects, with companies of all sizes – from multi-nationals such as Ford Motor Company, Ford Credit, Royal Mail, British Gas, Unilever, to smaller SMEs such as Elysian Field, RP International, Formula 2 Racing, Classic Rock, and Road Surface Treatment Association.

Our custom databases, CRM software and membership databases have been implemented into a wide range of industry sectors, including: the motor industry; manufacturing; travel and tourism; retail; leisure; waste and recycling; farming and argriculture; and local government, to name a few.


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