Our Database Design Approach.



CCL are a database design company which will always seeks to engage you in the database design & implementation process. A CCL consultant will speak with you about everything you wish to achieve from your custom database and to find out any future plans your business has. This will enable us to create a bespoke database to suit your exact needs so that you can fully benefit from the software that we provide you.


Once we have spoken to you and know exactly what you want the database to do a CCL expert will create the database in the time scale set by you and ourselves.


After the database has been created CCL will go through the database, testing everything to ensure that any bugs have been eliminated and ensure that it is ready to implement into your business.


CCL will then deliver the database to your offices. More commonly this is now performed by our remote desktop software which enables us to install the software from our own PCs remotely linked to your site. This ensures that we keep costs down and also means that our support costs are greatly reduced. Alternatively we can either deliver the software in person, via post (on CD) or through a series of emails

Support & Assistance

Once we have delivered the software, this is not simply the end of the database project – instead, we offer support and assistance on an ongoing basis, should you ever have any queries or problems.

CCL also offer a training programme where we will train all those who will be using our software how to use it so that you can gain the full benefits of your new database instantly.

All of our database projects are carried out using this approach, ensuring that the databases we design and develop are user-friendly, and built solely with you in mind.


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