Custom Databases.


CCL have over 15 years experience in creating custom databases for a wide variety of businesses throughout the UK. AT CCL, we pride ourselves on custom database development that is tailored to your organisation, and that the software we design really does benefit your business.

In order to ensure that your bespoke database is developed to meet your exact needs, we work closely with your organisation to get an understanding of what you wish to achieve. In addition, we listen to you and your staff, and with our wealth of experience, turn your requirements into a user-friendly, custom database, ensuring that what we deliver is of true advantage to your company and everyone who uses it.


Custom Database vs Off-the-shelf Database

Although off-the-shelf database software may well seem appealing, they often do not offer exactly what you are looking for. A custom database designed by CCL will be developed to suit your exact needs, will be user focused and user friendly, as well as being practical for your organisation – something off-the-shelf products usually are not. CCL are a database design company who enjoy working with you to design a database which saves you time and money, streamlines daily tasks and improves your businesses efficiency.


Custom Database Development – The CCL Approach

Our Listen – Create – Perfect – Deliver – Support & Assistance approach to custom database development means that we not only guarantee that the bespoke database is best suited to your every needs, but also provides you with constant support and assistance after installing. What’s more, we provide you with a solution which can grow and develop alongside your business.


Bespoke database – key features:

  • Free initial no obligation consultation
  • Designed in-house
  • User friendly
  • Delivered to your office
  • Full installation
  • Accurate testing
  • Support and backup
  • Full training
  • Very reasonable cost


SQL and Access Databases:

All of the systems that we create are either Microsoft Access databases or SQL databases, ensuring full usability. These are delivered to your offices and full training to all your staff is provided by one of our experts, enabling all of your staff to use and gain benefit from your bespoke database.

We have provided a wide range of custom databases to small and medium sized organisations over the past 15 years, which have ranged from a simple database with only a few tables, to software that has been developed to store masses of data, run mailshots, provide financial stats and more.

To enquire about your very own custom database or for further information, request a free quote today and one of our consultants will be in touch right away.


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