What does your company do?
MGH Electrical provide sub-contract electrical services to national house builders. Our company has experienced rapid growth of around 600% since becoming limited in 2012.

What did you use before the database?
A mixture of paper based systems and excel spreadsheets, these systems allowed us to grow our business but it was getting more time consuming and confusing for my administration team. Administration errors we being made as a result of our systems, I felt that this was effecting the growth rate of my business and this was costing us time and money. The only solution was to get a better system.

How has the database helped your company?
The database that Ray has built for my company does everything that my company needs. Automatic invoicing, sub-contractor payments, material ordering, material costings, retention tracking etc.

This database has been in development for a considerable amount of time as this was a large project. This database has only recently been completed but as somebody that knows a little about database development and the procedures/routines that my admin team follow daily, this database will make me significant cost savings in administration and on site.

I will not need to hire another office admin as the system will make all our lives easier and our workloads less taxing. This system will improve our efficiency by 50% easily.

What did you think of CCL?
Ray at CCL has been fantastic and the finished product has exceeded my expectations. I can be a perfectionist so I imagine that I haven’t been the easiest of clients for CCL however all bugs and issues where fixed quickly without any extra cost implications.

Ray has been committed to the development of our database from Day 1. I would highly recommend Ray and CCL to any business big or small!

MGH Electrical (UK) LTD – St Helens