I am a very keen horseracing enthusiast who maintains their own horse ratings and race data. To analyse a race using my own figures was a manually intensive exercise whereby only five or six races could be properly analysed each day. However in the height of Summer there can be more than fifty races on some days so many opportunities were being missed! I needed to join my figures with the next day’s racing to allow me to analyse races and make my selections in a much more efficient manner. This is why I chose to seek a professional database developer to build a database and multiple reports to aid in my work.

I sourced potential suppliers via Approved Index and was given a shortlist of four potential database providers and entered into a phase of high level specification of the works required and budget involved. One was simply not interested as spend was not sufficient however another, CCL, actually looked at the work involved and offered a much better customer experience and feeling of trust that the work could be achieved given the basic spec and the budget number provided. From the very outset, the feeling of candidness, trust and simple customer service led me to proceed with CCL.

CCL and I entered into an iterative phase to refine the specification and build the database foundation. One important point is that CCL were starting from a very limited knowledge of horseracing so underwent a steep learning curve in terminology extremely quickly and effectively. Soon the database foundation was in place, relevant table joins and routines for disaster recovery and clean-up in case of corruption where created.

We continued with weekly conference calls/actions for the following week and clarification on specific development points. This way of working quickly resulted in a fully operational database with nine bespoke analysis reports that literally save many man-hours every single day!

Finally I would like to add that once the work is complete CCL have made themselves readily available for post go-live support when required and that gives me significant peace of mind.

I was very lucky to stumble across CCL to work with me on this and will most definitely continue to work with them in the future. It was actually a pleasure to build it with CCL and I always felt as though they would get us there even when we hit the inevitable snags.

First class, would recommend to anybody, both standalone users and businesses alike.

VB, East Yorkshire