Elysian Field Limited

Elysian Field are providers of Supported Accommodation and Services to young people coming out of the care system.  We also provide assessment units and are soon to be opening a Residential Children’s Home providing residential support for children aged between 12 – 16 years who are experiencing mental health issues.

As a Company we went ‘live’ in October 2010, having worked extremely closely with CCL  for the  preceding 8 months to design, write and then further develop our Database to provide a unique, completely transparent and interactive system that would allow the Local Authorities who commission our services to monitor and comment on our services.

From the beginning CCL have not just engaged at a technical level, but have taken the essential step of getting to know our business, our objectives and our challenges so that during the development phase they were able to make informed recommendations and suggestions that would have a positive impact on internal processes and provide a positive base from which we could develop rather than have to ‘reinvent’ the wheel.

This system has proved so beneficial that we have at least doubled the size of the company every year since inception and have gained a reputation of honesty, openness and transparency within our customer base, and the Local Authorities security inspections have been happy to approve the security layers that CCL recommended.

Over the coming 12 months, Elysian Field will experience growth by some 200% in what will be our most significant year for expansion and service development.  The confidence our customers have demonstrated in our services is second to none, and our strategy is certainly paying off.  This is in no small term based on the advice, engagement and on-going development of our system, which in turn is wholly reliant on the positive, constructive and undoubted integrity of CCL.

As we develop so does the reliance we place on the support and proactive engagement of CCL, and it is a reliance we as accompany, and I as an individual have every confidence in.

Nigel Solsby
Managing Director.
Elysian Field Limited