What does your company do?
The Committee on Publication Ethics is an organisation providing advice and support to editors and publishers of academic journals on all aspects of publication ethics, particularly in relation to cases of research and publication misconduct.
What did you use before the database?
Before having the database, applications from potential members were managed via a combination excel spreadsheets and email, which could be confusing.
How has the database helped your company?
We now have a Microsoft Access database working in conjunction with a web portal. This has enabled us to easily:
• Search for and establish the status of applications
• Manage tasks relating to applications
• Send emails and record contact with applicants
• Record whether applications meet our selection criteria
• Allow those reviewing applications, wherever they are located globally, to provide written comments and approval in one place, via the web portal
• Produce detailed reports on the range of applications received.
Please state what you felt about our working relationship.
Our working relationship was excellent. Ray provided useful suggestions, which helped us to build on the original brief, to meet our requirements. Ray was very accommodating of changes we requested after the project had started. All work done was completed to a high standard and in a timely manner.