Please state what your company does:

  • Ugborough Garages Ltd is a family run garage in South Devon specialising in the repair, servicing and sales of Motor Vehicles.

What did you use before the database?

  • We had systems in place to manage the workshops and repair jobs, however the used car sales were still very much managed using post-it notes, scraps of paper, document folders and a lot of paperwork. Not too great in this day and age, it worked a little, but with the need to improve efficiency and create a more streamlined sales process. This had to change.

How has the database helped your company?

  • Having CCL create our database from scratch has allowed us to operate a system which only does what WE want it to do. Not what the average garage in the mass market requires. But what WE need it for. There are plenty of dealer management systems out there that charge up front installation fees, monthly maintenance fees and user fees which has a massive list of features that we weren’t interested in, but would still have to pay for. Our database from CCL has bypassed that, we don’t get charged a monthly fee and we are not tied into any contract. We are now operating a lot more efficiently and profitably as a result of our database.

 Please describe our working relationship

  •  CCL are genius. They were quick to initially take up the challenge and understand our requirements. They are always very quick to respond to questions and queries. Nothing is ever to much trouble, whether I need to expand the database to give further functionality or just need a helping hand. They are always there. Great work guys!!!