• What does your company do?

Since the formation of limited company C&A Joiners in 2010 we have provided sub contractor joinery services to the big national housebuilders.
Calling upon between 40 – 60 joiners covering between 16 and 20 development sites

  • What did you use before the database?

Typical of many companies that evolve, paper based systems moved to excel spreadsheets.
Over the past two years as the company has grown using excel spreadsheet (many holding similar / duplicate data our data collection systems have become very time consuming and confusing.
The most critical part of monitoring our costs is recording Sub Contractor Invoices against actual budgets

  • How has the database helped your company?

Having worked closely with Ray at CCL a database that enabled a far quicker and more accurate way of recording sub contractor invoices was designed and built.
I have over 15 years of experience (in a previous life) working with clients that required database systems to support their business processes so have come across sadly quite a few ‘unhappy end users and customers who had been sold ‘the dream’ but the software company failed to deliver on their expectations.
What CCL have designed and implemented for C&A Joiners is a breath of fresh air.
The new system is intuitive, easy to input data and is complemented with a great set of reporting information for management meetings etc…
I would say what were time consuming data input weekly tasks have reduced from 4 days to 2 following the implementation of the new database system.

  • Please state what you felt about our working relationship.

Like I say I have worked in the past on delivering database solutions – where Ray and CCL excelled in my view are
The software had very few bugs and worked almost as expected from the first version which is a testament to Ray and CCL’s understanding of our business needs and their database coding skills.
Minor bugs were rectified very quickly without any ‘hidden extra costs’!!!!
The phone calls and emails during and after implementation always get a quick response and at no time did I feel left ‘high and dry’

C&A Joiners, Congleton